A Day with Reid Cycles

Cycling is not my forte. I'm clumsy with a bicycle, and it doesn't help that they're mostly far too tall for me. Regardless, I've always wanted a bicycle, especially in Melbourne. This city has a such a great culture of cycling, and I just can't help wanting to be a part of it. Plus, bicycles make for great props in a photo shoot. But Aaron's always adamant that I shouldn't get a bike - he says I'll be more a hazard to others riding one, than to myself :| Anyway, that's all history now because a few weeks ago, Reid Cycles was kind enough to give me one of their Vintage Deluxe bicycles and I absolutely love it. I got mine in Coffee, but they've got a beautiful of array of colours to choose from (it was either this or a black one). 

As odd as this may seem (and to Aaron's dismay), the first thing I thought was to bring it on a road trip and that was exactly what we did. We took the bicycle down to the stunning seaside at Mornington Peninsula. It was perfect - I had a vast expanse of space to practice riding, a backdrop for a photoshoot, and Aaron was appeased with visits to the region's wineries. We found this little jetty, all painted in white, with numerous yachts parked around it, and I knew I had to ride to the end of it for a photo. By now I think it's pretty obvious how Aaron reacted - he screamed as he chased me down the wooden boards. Hehe. Naughty me. Admittedly I was pretty lucky to have not rode off the jetty. It was so windy and I could barely steer the bike properly, even when I was just holding it. Good thing Aaron caught me in time right at the end of the jetty. We eventually moved on the ferry terminal in Sorrento, where I had a much larger space to ride around. I did get the occasional of stare from ferry passengers around the area  - they must be thinking , "What's this crazy girl doing? Riding a bicycle in circles on the pier, in winter?!" Nevertheless, it was much needed practice for the next bicycle ride out. Perhaps this time, a trip around Melbourne (I can feel Aaron grimace at the idea of this). *cheeky* I hope you all enjoy these visuals we have created! :)

Reid Cycles Vintage Ladies Deluxe Bike in Coffee (here),
Keegan The Label Cape, Country Road Dress, Midas Sandals
Dries van Noten Sunnies & 66 the Label Hat