Shoes of Prey

Finally, I got to design my own shoes with Shoes of Prey! I first came about Shoes of Prey a few years ago when Aaron started gaining an interest in bespoke shoes. However, we quickly realise that the custom shoe market is quite focused on male-centric shapes and that there aren't many customisable female choices (think double monks vs heels). Looking around, Aaron showed me Shoes of Prey and I remembered spending hours in front of my laptop, going through different lasts, materials and then mixing and matching different colors and textures - for that perfect pair (it's pretty fun even if you're not looking into buying one so try it!). I knew I wanted a pair, but I can't for the life of me remember why I didn't pull the trigger. But that's old news now, because I'm so in love with this pair I just got and they are so comfy - definitely a plus for me!

I opted for a full dark blue & green silk, 10 cm round toe block heels. What do you all think? :) Also! They are running a competition right now. You can enter their #52 shoes completion and potentially win a pair of shoes for every week of the year! How exciting is that? Check out the link here