Godwin Charli

I'm petite, so whether it roots from an unfavourable experience or even media portrayal, I've never really been into trench coats as they are unlikely to fit. But when I tried on this trench coat from Godwin Charli, never have I been so wrong - everything from the length to the shoulder width to the sleeves fit like a charm. I would even go so far as to say it felt bespoke. It's classy, polished, well-made, and I'm in love. I just wasn't looking at the right places. Lesson learnt. So kudos to brands like Godwin Charli for looking out for us petite ladies. And with that, I can finally say, "Elementary, my dear Watson" (shout-out to all you trench coat-loving Sherlock fans hehe).

I've styled the trench coat in a few different ways. Do share with me your thoughts! :)

Godwin Charli Celina Trench Coat (here), Country Road Blouse,
Missguided Khaki Culottes, Windsor Smith Bryony Heels (here),
Tom Ford Eva Pilot Sunnies in Rose Gold & Brown (here), and
Country Road Two Tone Fringed Scarf in Charcoal (here),

These heels are so comfy!